Names beginning with M

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mauricio ("Trabalho e processamento")
Meharts ("Hi I'm from Czech Republic, my name is David")
Maxwell [MM] ("SETI.USA is now on Twitter! [url][/url] I'm a graduate...")
micha9791 ("I am from Germany and I am born in 1979. I work as an electrician and my hobbies are...")
Mad Matt ("I am a musician and music teacher from Germany. Started many years ago on my first PC with...")
marianob [Marche] ("My name is Mariano and I'm italian. Mi chiamo Mariano e sono italiano.")
Michał Pławsiuk ( INTERNET GROUP) ("Hi! I'm Michał Pławsiuk and I'm from POLAND - Wrocław. I like LINUX and BOINC . I...")
Michael Hoffmann ("You know, Bavaria, that's near Germany - well, that's where I'm doomed to live. But there...")
Marco von Hagen

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