Names beginning with M

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Mark Roman Schellberg ("Hi my name ist Mark and I think the idea from Boinc, is a very great think and I like it,...")
mauricio_lozano ("Since always downloading music, I decided to use that time at BOINC. Colombian, 24 years...")
Matthew Padilla ("Hi. I'm an archaeologist for the US forest Service in California, though I was born and...")
masaharu watanabe
Marcelo Vilela Resende ("Brasileiro, 31 anos, casado.")
morse [E.R.] - BOINC.Italy ("My name is Andrea. I am 22 years. I study telecomunications enginnering at Modena...")
Monscre ("Je m'appelle Emmanuel, je crunch depuis 2006, j'ai découvert l'AF en 2008 et je suis passé...")
malpi ("Boinc@Poland")
medictom ("Be sure to visit [url=][/url] and join our community!...")

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